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Yesterday I met john frusciante..

These things don't have a name But i perfer to be called: Violet.
Time runs outand i've been lasting this many years: Seventeen Years.
The world's edge is closer and I'm located at: Canada.
My radio's my heart sicne it helped me listen to: JOHN FRUSCIANTE, THE CHILI PEPPERS, PINK FLOYD, BOB DYLAN, THE DOORS, SYD BARRETT, GRATEFUL DEAD, BLACK SABBATH, OZZY. There's a lot more, but this gets boring for people.
Have you put them aside, your crazy thoughts and dreams? This is important to me: sound/lights/magic/guitar.
Goals disrupt the past and yet I still have them: To make noise, To make light, To make magic, TO MAKE MUSIC

pictures (optional)
The face in the mirror is not me But here is an idea of what I look like:
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