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not much activity here, but i thought i'd try...

hello hello.
i was wondering if anyone has the full 'smile from the streets you hold' album on their computer... or at least the title track. i can't find it anywhere and would be eternally grateful if someone should send it to me. =)

oh.. and because the info said i should:

These things don't have a name But i prefer to be called: rebecca
Time runs out and i've been lasting this many years: 18
The world's edge is closer and I'm located at: toronto
My radio's my heart since it helped me listen to: john frusciante & rhcp (duh), tricky, bowie, horace andy, siouxsie & the banshees, depeche mode, burning spear, choking victim/leftover crack, joy division, velvet underground, and i could go on for days...
Have you put them aside, your crazy thoughts and dreams? This is important to me: music, good vibes, painting, politics, kitties, investigative journalism, looking hot (haha not really!)
Goals disrupt the past and yet I still have them: my goal in life is to do what feels right.. so far it's going pretty good.

pictures (optional)
The face in the mirror is not me But here is an idea of what I look like: haha enjoy!

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