the moog with the funk for your. derriere. (highcontrastfly) wrote in frulove_daily,
the moog with the funk for your. derriere.

These things don't have a name But i perfer to be called: katie.
Time runs outand i've been lasting this many years: eighteen.
The world's edge is closer and I'm located in: detroit.
My radio's my heart since it helped me listen to: john frusciante et le red hot chili peppers . actually, john frusciante kind of absorbed me completely, and ive listened almost exclusively to him for almost a year i think. but i also like the beastie boys and colonel claypools bucket of bernie brains and jimi hendrix and pink floyd and uh the mars volta andddd radiohead umm john coltrane and other good jazzz and lee "scratch" perry and the velvet underground and et cetera .
Have you put them aside, your crazy thoughts and dreams? This is important to me: moments and balance and connections and learning.
Goals disrupt the past and yet I still have them: i dont think i have any unless it's one main focus that i dont feel like talking about.

pictures (optional)
The face in the mirror is not me But here is an idea of what I look like:
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